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Instagram linking

When I try to link Instagram I am getting an error that says I am not a sandbox. My Instagram username is marseakay

Instagram integration should be working now.

I tried to set a # rule and it will not let me type anything in the box. So I went back to send everything and it froze on this screen, I cannot click anything without restarting the app.
(59.8 KB)
I have linked Instagram and it seems to have worked. However it is not showing up in your App. I have it on Send Everything not a hashtag setup. So I can try a hashtag later on and see if that works. I also got stuck (frozen) on this screen which I will send a picture of. I restarted the app and then it let me through.
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Go to:

Top bar -> Sandbox Invites 

Follow the instructions from there, you might have to "register" as a developer or something, but that should get you started.

After adding users to the list, they will have to accept your invitation before actually becoming sandbox users. To accept the invitation, they can go to the 'Sandbox Invites' button on the top bar of the developer site. In the 'Sandbox Invites' page people can accept or reject invitations, and also stop being sandbox users for a given app.

Note: a user can become a sandbox user of up to 5 apps. You will not be able to invite someone that is already a test user of 5 apps.

Apparently you have to "accept" some sort of invitation or notice from instagram before it will let you link the accounts. We currently do not know where/what/how this process looks like.