We get that there is probably many times where you may want to share something with your family on Remotely Close and with your followers on your other social media accounts. So we thought of a way to make that incredibly easy for you, by linking your Instagram or Facebook account with your Remotely Close account. You can then choose to either have all posts you share in Instagram or Facebook copied into and posted in Remotely Close or set up custom hashtags that you can use on your posts when you want those specific posts shared with your family in Remotely Close. Here's how:

1. From your feed, open your sidebar (by tapping the hamburger menu icon in the top left) and then select Link Your Accounts

2. Select either Instagram or Facebook and then walk through logging into it.

3. When you've finished logging in, you will return to Remotely Close and see the settings for that link (in our example we are using Instagram)

4. You now have the option to set every post you make in Instagram to also be posted in Remotely Close or to set custom #hashtag rules to filter down to only the posts that have those hashtags in them, and sharing them with the family members that you specify:

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