So you set up your Remotely Close account and family and now it's time to help set up your mom on her Roku.

1. First, search for and install the Remotely Close channel from the Roku marketplace

2. Open up the Remotely Close channel and wait for it to generate a code

3. In the Remotely Close app on your phone, open the sidebar and select Add Device4. In our scenario we are setting the Roku up for your mom (Granny) which, as you can see above, you've already created an account for (using the steps from the Create a Family Member article). If you haven't created an account for your mom yet, you can select For a New Member which will first walk you through creating one for her. So either select the member you want to tie the Roku to or create one real quick.

5. You will then see the Device Code screen which will ask you to enter the code displayed on the TV

6. You should then see a pop up confirming that you've successfully added the Roku device to your mom's account. The TV will also automatically enter into the application as your mom's account

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